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A few words about Alef Ena...





Alef Ena is a reliable Greek company that dominates in the field of carbonless paper distributing the High Quality Alef Paper since 1995.


The innovative product that we suggest is meant to meet with your needs and provide you a high quality carbonless paper as well as a way to reduce both your production cost and the required production time to a minor rate so as to maximize your productive capacity.


Alef carbonless paper is used in all types of Multi-set printing items such as:

Invoice Books, Purchase Order Books, Bills of Landing, Docket Books, Receipt Books, Memo Pads,Desk Pads, Delivery Dockets, Entry Form Books, Field Report Books, Requisition Books or Annual Reports, Automotive Forms, Repair Orders, Freight Orders Retail Receipts and many more...


e-mail: alefena_sa@yahoo.com

Τel.:+30 210 2389 658     Fax: +30210 2389 657

Mob.: +30 6944 107 500


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